HealthEquine Therapies

 Caring for Your Horse...Naturally!


HealthEquine Therapies takes a more holistic approach using alternative medicine and therapies which is now preferred by many trainers and riders.

 In order to create an environment for the maintenance or restoration of health, we must consider the horse in his totality - the sum of his physical and psychological traits - rather than treat each symptom seperately. We take into consideration all the various factors affecting both the internal and external environment of the horse.

We know the the body will strive to heal, repair, and maintain itself - if the right conditions are present.



It is our responsibility to heal the capacity of the body, the horse's emotional stability, lifestyle, nutritional balance, exercise and hygiene programs, as well as structural soundness.


HealthEquine Therapies is always trying to find new and natural ways to help equine athletes to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Modalities that are being considered to add to our services are:


- Red light therapy

- LifeWave

HealthEquine Therapies Services the Golden Horseshoe Region of Southern Ontario. 


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