What is Thalassotherapy? 

Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic use of seawater in the form of marine products like algae, seaweed and marine mud to promote health & wellness.

What does Thalassotherapy mean? 

The name Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word thalassa ("the sea") and therapia ("treat") - Equithalasso: Thelassotherapy for horses

Where does Thalassotherapy originate from? 

  • The use of heated seawater for therapeutic benefits dates back to the Romans, who also loved soaking in hot minerals springs.
  • Modern thalassotherapy was pioneered in France, which still has more thalassotherapy spas than any other country.
  • The principle behind thalassotherapy is that repeated immersion in warm seawater, marine mud, and protein-rich algae helps restore the body's natural chemical balance.
  • When immersed in warm seawater, the body absorbs the minerals it needs -- trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodide --through the skin

What is Equithalasso? 

Equithalasso: Thelassotherapy for horses

Equithalasso is an equine product collection made exclusively from natural raw materials extracted from the sea. These drug-free, high quality, lab-certified products provide a variety of treatments tailored to your horse's specific needs in performance or recovery.

  • Prepare joints and tendons to help prevent sprains and strains from heavy work or competition
  • Helps to detoxify, reduce tension and soothe muscles and tissues
  • Made from natural products from the sea
  • 100% non-drug so there is zero interaction with blood/urine testing
  • Certified by high-quality European laboratories

Who created Equithalasso? 

Benedicte Lucazeau, the creator of the Equithalasso line, has specialized in equine and canine osteopathy & physiotherapy for almost 20 years. After extensive research and field testing, she launched the Equithalasso line in France in 2009. Equithalasso products are a unique and innovative concept that are part of a complete training and wellness regimen for equine athletes.

In 2011, she founded EQUIPHYSIO FORMATION, the first certified training of Masseur Physiotherapist Animalier in France geared towards physical recovery & algotherapy in horses and dogs.

What can Equithalasso do for my horse?

Before competition or work:

  • Helps to physically prepare muscles and joints for the increased level and duration of activity
  • Removes muscle tension to facilitate movement and impulsion
  • Prepares joints and tendons to help prevent sprains and strains

After competition or work:

  • Aids in and accelerates recovery
  • Eliminates the toxins that build up post-effort
  • Eliminates muscle tension and muscle soreness
  • Soothes limbs and tissues: heat, swelling and strains

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Please consult your veterinarian or medical physician for diagnosis and treatment of serious injuries or conditions.

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