Many companies produce herbal formulations, but only Omega Alpha manufactures supplements based on proven scientific research and testing, not popular fads and media/marketing manipulation. Currently Omega Alpha manufactures over 100 natural health products, many of which have been clinically evaluated by pharmacists and medical or naturopathic doctors. When buying nutraceuticals from Omega Alpha for yourself or your family, you can be sure that only the best all-natural ingredients are included in the natural health industry’s most intelligent formulations to help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Omega Alpha Herbal Formulations can assist with:


 Digestive Health

 Respiratory Issues

 Pain Tolerance

 Blood Support

 Bone & Joint Health

 Muscle Recovery


Immune Support

Calmers, Behaviour & Hormone

 Vitamin & Minerals


Please consult your veterinarian or medical physician for diagnosis and treatment of serious injuries or conditions.

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