HealthEquine Therapies 2024 Ambassador Riders

HealthEquine Therapies is delighted to offer our Ambassador Sponsorship Program. Meet our Riders!


Hi! I'm Justine and this is my 14 year old Paint x Canadian gelding Cowboy. Cowboy and I have been partners for the last 7 years and have dabbled in a wide variety of sports ranging from Ontario Extreme Cowboy Racing to our current focus, dressage. We are going to be debuting at 2nd level this summer and have schooling 3rd level at home. 

This summer we will be competing with Caledon Dressage and are hoping to hit some of the Hamilton Hunt Dressage or Combined training shows. 

I'm excited to see what this show season brings and keeping Cowboy in tip top physical shape is important to our success. I'm definitely looking forward to having Lauren added onto Cowboy's support team. 


I'm Lincoln Bosch and this handsome quarter horse with me is Ben. Ben and I have been partners for 8 years in the team roping pen. I've been riding for 36 years and roping for 11 years. 

My family and I have had Ben since he was 3 years old and he's as comfortable with me roping in a rodeo as he is with our 12 year old daughter trotting around a club show pen.

Together, Ben and I are planning on competing in the Ontario IPRA rodeo circuit and various team roping jackpots in Southern Ontario.

When I'm not riding, I am a certified fitter/welder by trade who's always eager for the work day to end so that I can chase a few cows with Ben.


Hi, my name is Cheyanne and I'm 12 years old and love to ride my horse, Ben.  Ben and I have been showing together since I was 4 years old.  We've had lots of fun together and won some trophies and ribbons too!  Ben and I will be competing in the junior division of the Ontario High School Rodeo this coming show season. 

When I'm not at the barn with Ben or at school, I like to explore nature, or do arts and crafts.  I also like Harry Potter and have started reading about all the adventures he has at Hogwarts.  I cannot wait to have more fun adventures with my buddy Ben this year!  

It's very important to me that Ben feels his best when we're off to a rodeo or club show competition.  Lauren is going to be a big help to keep Ben's muscles feeling loose and ready to run!


My name is Gabe and I am proud to be one of Health Equine Therapies Junior Rider Ambassadors. I am 11 years old and horses have been a part of my life since I started riding at the age of 3. I started roping two years ago and got my horse partner Goose one year ago. He is 6 years old. We're an amazing team! For the past year we have competed in many jackpots and rodeos, and I recently won the level one year end buckle for R.A.O [Roping Association of Ontario].  Goose is a fantastic partner, he is always eager to go for a ride or go chase steers. When he is not with me roping or riding he always loves to cause trouble in the pasture.Goose and I are excited to go to various rodeos and ropings throughout Ontario this year as well as to continue to participate in R.A.O jackpots.  Thank you to Lauren for helping Goose perform at his best!

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