HealthEquine Therapies 2024 Ambassador Riders

HealthEquine Therapies is delighted to offer our Ambassador Sponsorship Program. Meet our Riders!


"I can't say enough good about Lauren and her services! Not only is she informative and willing to take the time to educate her clientele, she is thorough and takes the time to get a sense of how our rides have been going and any sort of out of the normal behaviors or habits that have developed. Each session is different and tailored to what Cowboy's needs are at that moment. Lauren has worked wonders bringing Cowboy back into his A game after undergoing saddle fit issues, and he overall responds so well to her! (I'm sure the cookies also help ). I'm definitely thankful to have Lauren on Cowboy's health and wellness team! "


" With Ben being a competitive head horse, we need him feeling his best not only in the competition pen, but also during practice and every day in between.  HealthEquine Therapies plays a big part in helping keep him feeling his best with the use of massage and Graston Technique.  Lauren helps us to work through any muscle issues that our boy may have.  With her help Ben works and feels in top form.  In our family, our horse is not just a horse, he's a member of the family and he's treated as such."


"HealthEquine Therapies has been a part of my family for over a year now. I had recently purchased a young horse that became lame, and after numerous vet visits, decided to work with Lauren to help get my horse, Goose back into shape and to educate myself on various stretches and training techniques to better support Goose. Lauren is able to foresee problems before they arise based on tightness or soreness that Goose is experiencing. She talks through the appointment explaining what she is doing and how Goose is reacting to the procedure. At each appointment I am constantly learning from her. Goose and I rodeo 12 months a year and he needs to be in the best shape in order to chase cows. By continuing body work appointments each month, Goose remains healthy and appointments continue to be used as preventative maintenance. I am very proud to have Lauren on my team to support Goose in achieving his best!"

Please Consult Your Veterinarian Or Medical Physician For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Serious Injuries Or Conditions.
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