BEMER Horse-Set

The BEMER Horse-Set promotes healing and recovery, and supports regeneration!

The BEMER Horse-Set is ideal for large-scale applications. It ensures that the BEMER signal field reaches all neuralgic points on the animal's body. The horse blanket is ergonomically designed, equipped with breathable inserts and can be easily adjusted to fit horses of any size thanks to the simple adjustment mechanism. The integrated combined battery and signal controller is powerful and positioned so that it can easily be reached by humans – but not by horses. Additional, effective components of the Horse Set are the two cuffs (one each for left and right), which feature an integrated combined battery and signal controller and can be used on the front or back legs. They generate a stronger, concentrated signal field for localized treatment. 

Please Consult Your Veterinarian Or Medical Physician For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Serious Injuries Or Conditions.
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