Rates & Services

Payment - Cash, Cheque, Credit card, PayPal and E-transfer

Prices set to change at any time - Travel fee is dependent on barn location   
A $25 fee will be invoiced to those who do not show up for their appointments or do not give at least 24 hour cancellation notice

Equine Massage Therapy

Rates are based on circumstances such as Initial Assessment, Maintenance Massage, travel time and the situation (emergency, regular treatment etc.). Please contact us to request a quote.

INITIAL ASSESSMENT:   First appointment consists of information gathering of your horse, a body & possible gait assessment, full body massage and trigger point therapy to focus on problematic area(s).  (Approx. 1.5 appointment)

MAINTENANCE MASSAGE: Every appointment after the Initial Assessment consist of a short body assessment, either a full body massage and trigger point therapy to focus on problematic area(s). (Approx. 1 hour appointment)

Exercises and stretches will be suggested to continue helping your horse improve.

 Equithalasso Bodywraps

Competition Bodywrap $60 (travel fee not included) on its own or $50 with a massage. 

Deep Heating Spot Treatment $20-$60 (travel fee not included) depending on the area being applied.

Draining Clay Treatment $20-$60 (travel fee not included) depending on the area being applied.

Cryotendon Treatment $30 (travel fee not included) on its own or $20 with a massage session. 

Mont St Michel Marine Mud Treatment $20-$60 (travel fee not included) depending on the area being applied. 

Individual products available for purchase.


Complimentary spot treatment with every Equine Massage appointment.

$25 for a 20 minute spot treatment. Each additional spot treatments is $10 during same appointment  (travel fee not included).

Craniosacral Therapy

COMING SOON! Rates to be announced.

Equi-Tape Application

The rates are based on application techniques, amount of tape being used, and whether application is used in conjunction with another HealthEquine Therapies service (travel fee not include). 

  • Simple Taping Application: $10 - $20
  • Moderate Taping Application: $25 - $45
  • Multiple/Complex Taping Application: $50+

Individual Equi-Tape rolls available for purchase.


Rate of $35 for a therapeutic respiratory session (travel fee not included). Can be used with 10ml-35ml of medication (prescribed by horse's licensed veterinarian and provided by owner) or natural solutions such as Eucalyptus, Saline or SilvaPlex provided by HealthEquine Therapies.

Rental of Flexineb Nebuliser is also an option.

Reiki Treatments

Rate of $40 (travel fee not included). If horse is not receptive to treatment, only travel fee will apply.

Preparing for a treatment:

  • Let HET therapist know if your horse has had any professional bodywork performed in the week leading up to the appointment
  • The horse owner is to be present during the appointment for safety and insurance purposes. 
  • Paperwork to be filled out at prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • The horse should be ready and waiting in crossties or on a lead rope.
  • Your horse should be thoroughly brushed (even if blanketed) to remove any mud or debris.
  • Your horse should be dry at the time of  appointment (no bathing, products or sweat please)
  • In cold weather, please have a cooler on your horse to keep the muscles warm.
  • Your horse can be lightly exercised prior to appointment if you wish, but should not be ridden directly after a treatment. 24 hour rest period is highly recommended.
  • The HET therapist can reject to perform any therapeutic bodywork at anytime if a horse is not in good health, has open sores, lacks muscle or fat (in overall poor body condition) or has had professional bodywork done within a 24 hour period leading up to the massage appointment - travel charges will apply.
  • Please present gift certificates or gift cards at the time of your appointment to avoid full session payment,
Please Consult Your Veterinarian Or Medical Physician For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Serious Injuries Or Conditions.
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