A hands-on, educational and innovative experience for horse owners, riders, coaches and trainers who want to broaden their knowledge on assessing the horse’s body condition, learn the equestrian-to-equine body language, supple the horse’s body from the ground and riding the horse’s biomechanics in order to prevent injury, aid recovery and optimize the horse’s performance. 

  • Hands- on experience
  • Learn how to assess your horse's body condition, posture and topline concerns
  • Get an eye for biomechanics
  • Focus on the equestrian to equine body language
  • Learn in-hand concepts
  • Perform lunging techniques
  • Ride your horse's spine and biomechanics properly
  • Prevent injury and reoccurence
  • Create suppleness, flexibility and range of motion
  • Optimize overall performance
  • Take home notes on stretches, mobilizations and exercises to assist your horse's topline

Amanda of Eagle wing ranch, welland Ontario

"I am always looking for ways to further understand horse psychology and kinesthetics, for myself and my clients. Lauren was an obvious choice with her extensive training in Chris Irwin Horsemanship methods, her many bodywork qualifications, and years of riding experience. Lauren was professional and kind. We were guided through both in-hand an lunging work that engaged the horse's body and mind. We had riders and equines of all levels and abilities, and each one left the ring feeling encouraged We highly recommend Lauren and are already in the works of booking another!"

Please Consult Your Veterinarian Or Medical Physician For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Serious Injuries Or Conditions.
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